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Twenty years of journey, record GWELL's steady steps;

Twenty years of experience, carry forward GWELL's spirit of struggling & out-performing;

Twenty years of harvest, witness GWELL's developing;

Twenty years we go ups and downs, overcome all obstacles, and come onto the road of success;

Looking forward to the future, we will have great foresight and create a vigorous new era!

Twenty years pass, GWELL has come through with steady steps;

Twenty years' up & down, GWELL grows vigorously.

Twenty years, thanks to all the clients' & friends' concern and support, GWELL has the career for today.

Perhaps today's achievements are not my initial dream, but the interest & desire to machinery industry may let me further and further along the road firmly. When gain experience of the machinery in developed countries such as Europe and America, I felt doubted & disappointed at the quality, efficiency and services of Chinese machinery which are produced in the earlier period. Build our own team, create our own products, learn to the international counterpart & bring honor to my national industry become my unshaken faith.

Learning, drawing on others' experiences and innovation are GWELL's endless pursuit; Making Better quality, more efficient, more energy-saving, more durable & technologically advanced of products are our direction. After twenty years of effort, GWELL is in the leading position of Chinese plastics machinery industry.

The dream encouraged me now are encouraging GWELL to keep going. Be one of the first-class enterprises in plastic machinery industry of Asia in 5 years is our short-term goal. Compete with the top international machinery enterprises and perform our excellence is our long-term goal. GO! GWELL!

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