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Extrusion coating / coating extrusion coating, extrusion laminating medium
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In the extrusion coating process and the composite, after formation of the high temperature melted resin film, and then coated onto a flat substrate moving, these substrates include paper, cardboard, metal foil or plastic film. Then, the substrate is coated to go through a series of counter-rotating rollers, the substrate and coating in full contact, resulting in adhesion.

Extrusion coating process technology
Unwinding machine made by different pretreatment stations, thickness gauge and pre-heating device, the substrate is added to the paste layer system.
     Monolayer or multilayer polymer melt is processed in the extruder, and is applied to a substrate by a dedicated slot die. By directing the polymer film on the cooling roll, the film is securely adhered to the substrate, without being separated from water, solvent or heat.
     Subsequently, the multi-reel can be pre-processed by a suitable cutting device. Then it passes through another thickness gauge, measure it or just used film, or also by automatic slot-die head control layer thickness and tolerances.
     Additional cooling and roll finishing system can be further pretreatment.
     Finally, the shaft on winder drum roll coated, suitable for the final product.
    Extrusion coating line is based on a modular design principle, it can be combined on a single station or multi-station paste layer paste layer machine.

Applications include:

1 car

A full set of interior parts, such as interior roof, door lining and interior lining, underlay and so on.

Base material is hemp, wood, non-woven.

Coextrusion coating material is PP, PE, ABS and is filled PP.

Basically, the above structure can be in the case of high output capacity to be produced in one operation.

2, extrusion coating products used in construction
For example, the self-supporting roof structure cushion membrane used.
Substrate: film or plaid
Coating material: PE and PMMA

3, liquid packaging

Such as oxygen and light barrier properties of fresh milk packaging offer septum.

Material: paper, cardboard

Coating material: PE1 and PE2.

Each having special properties, such as heat sealing, every light or oxygen barrier.

Composite extrusion process, also called sandwich composite technology, similar to extrusion coating processes. However, in the composite extrusion process, extrusion coating is used as an adhesive layer between two or more substrates. In the extrusion coating has cooled down, the second layer base material is a composite in, then this sandwich structure through a pressure roller compaction.

Currently, extrusion laminating technology is only used in the production of composite films. After the extruded composite is a thermoplastic resin, after the plastic extruder melt plastics by T-die extrusion coated on a substrate, while the other substrate composite sticking together, made of composite cooling the method of film. Extrusion coating is continuous and uniform thermoplastic resin extruded directly on a substrate cooling rolling into a composite film, not with another substrate bonding process. In practice, often the extrusion coating / coating classified as extrusion lamination.

Extrusion lamination Currently there are three ways: single extrusion lamination, tandem extrusion lamination, coextrusion composite. Extrusion laminating process equipment diagram below.

1- unwinding; 2- guide roller tension control; 3 - a silicone rubber roller; 4- extruder; 5- steel roller; 6- cooling roll; 7,8-off roller; 9- rolling

Advantages of extrusion lamination are as follows:

  • Fast speed, suitable for mass production;

  • The freedom to choose substrate;

  • Lower processing costs, binder little;

  • Extrusion thickness can be set;

  • One-time multi-line production of composite materials.

Disadvantage of extrusion lamination are as follows:

  • A large initial investment in equipment;

  • Heating, replace the extruded resin, a larger loss;

  • Production control, quality control, there is a certain degree of difficulty;

Compared with other production conveyor belts, extrusion lamination method has all the advantages of producing a composite film extrusion lamination technology, in the composite rate, processing cost advantage is particularly prominent, and can meet the requirements of the production of special surface; coating technology selective process, depending on the resin can choose or not to choose, in all, less the amount of glue, environmental pollution, fully meet hygiene standards.

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