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GWELL:Capture new hot spot, the development of new future
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Suzhou GWELL machinery co., LTD. for this session of the Chinaplas Chinaplas brought 12 products, including 4 for the current selling products. Jin Weier company during the show launched a promotion - these four special hot-selling products, the number of low-only 20 units. Wherein, PP / PS double production line specials for 800,000 yuan, PP / PS Special single production line is 680,000 yuan, PET double production line of low was 1.14 million yuan, PET single production line discount of 910,000 yuan. Executive Director of Suzhou Jin Weier Machinery Co., Ltd. Mr. Xin Wensheng introduced, which are configured excellent technology mature product, its configuration, quotes and other related information can be GWELL company's Web site, and also "gather the wind plastic" and some other major within industry publications published. In addition to the hot-selling products, Jin Weier also brings super soft transparent PVC sheet production line, EVA solar film production line, lithium battery separator production line, rock-paper lengthwise stretching lines, as well as efficient PP \ PS sheet production line 8 models of new technology products.
Oct total Chinaplas show the effect of this session very satisfied. He said the situation from the customer contact at the show, the feeling of the press industry is still developing in the fast lane. Show unprecedented scale, there are many potential customers came to the booth to discuss Jin Weier, especially those with many friends abroad. Friends like Australia, South Korea and other countries, we are not in touch with them before too, through this exhibition to make these new friends have a comprehensive understanding of GWELL, they GWELL new technologies, new products have a strong interest.
Jin Weier joint venture partners in the plastics extrusion equipment industry has nearly three decades of accumulation, plastic extrusion technology with a deep understanding and excellent metal processing capacity. In product strategy, Jin Weier products based on traditional industries, is committed to the development of new industry high-tech products, mainly located in the high-end products, while the market is mainly aimed at the international market. Advantages With the development of the industry in recent years and their own quality, Jin Weier company has been growing rapidly. At present, 50 percent of products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions. When it comes to the future development of the company, Xin said the total for the growth of enterprises are also very confident! He said that we in the industry to capture the hot new technology, new products, as well as development of the industry in this area. The future of these technologies and products will be rapid development, for example, lithium battery separator production line, rock-paper lengthwise stretching lines are all very good development prospects. Jin Weier With these technologies and products will be rapid growth.
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