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A warm welcome to Taicang party secretary Wang Jianfeng to visit our company
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November 26, sunny, Taicang City Party Secretary Wang Jianfeng rate leadership team members to GWELL company research work, carefully listened to the work report of two Sun Feng, general manager of the company Comrade Lin and Zhou Bing comrades, gold Wei Seoul in 2014 affirmed the achievements, especially my company recently developed green stone paper production line, environmental XPS foam board production line of carbon dioxide, and solar photovoltaic industry with EVA film production line, 3C electronic products and electric vehicles using lithium battery separator production lines and so on, it is the industry leader. Jin Weier colleagues affirmed the company always adhere to high standards, high quality, high yield concept. Secretary Wang Jin Weier company's prospects are very promising for, Jin Weier people remember Secretary Wang asked, mindful, pay close attention to product detail quality, quality win, win universal praise.

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