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Stone paper production line


  Stone paper production line: series production equipment imported by GWELL company.

   Production Capacity: 5000--80000 tons / year / set (capacity according to customer requirements)
   Product range: 0.05mm - 1mm (thickness range)

Stone paper product application is extremelywide, can be used in disposable living consumption goods, such as garbage bags,shopping bags, food bags, boxes, raincoat, gloves, cloth dust cover; can alsobe used in cultural paper, such as printing paper, writing paper,paper coating,advertising and decorating paper, paper covers, cigarette paper, glassingpaper, newspaper; can also be used in decorative building materials, such asdecorative wallpaper; can also be used in industrial packaging and otherfields, such as chemical fertilizer bag, cement bag, rice bag, garment bag, allkinds of handbags, carton; can also be used in special paper, such as fieldwork paper, underwater paper, mine working paper, military paper etc..


Rock paper use:


Decorative wallpaper, cardboard boxes, cartons, coated paper, cigarette paper, labels, cards, advertising and decorating paper, envelope without paper; special paper areas, such as field work papers, underwater paper, paper work at the mine, military and other specialty papers. It can be said broad range of applications, and continues to mature and upgrade stone paper technology, applications will be more. Cost stone paper products lower than the alternative paper products 20% -30%, with strong competitiveness, market prospects are very promising.

The figure is part of the use of stone paper:


Stone base paper (after cutting)


Coated (stone paper)


Wallpaper / wallpaper (stone paper)


Books, printed books (stone paper)


Labels, cards (stone paper)



Carton packaging (stone paper)


Bag, packing bags (stone paper)

Technical parameters:

GWS130-Single PullGWS130-Single PullGWS150-Double pull
Annual Production (tons / Taiwan)5000500080000
Line speed30-150m/min30-150m/min60-200m/min

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