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TPU film production line

TPU film production line


TPU (Thermoplasticpolyurethanes), TPU thermoplastic elastomer, a TPU film is based on the TPU pellets, made of a thin film by casting process. Applications currently in a very wide range of sports shoes: soles and trademark decoration, air bags, air, oil, etc. on the upper.

        TPU film applications on sneakers there are two trends: First, the sandals are popular wind blowing, that is highly transparent TPU films or direct cut, or screen printing color, or fitting into a clip cloth mesh cloth, high frequency molding and adhered to the upper, functional and decorative effect. Second, the use of waterproof and breathable TPU film bonding and shoe cloth used in order to achieve the effect of waterproof and breathable.


Technical parameters (detailed parameters, please contact sales staff):

Machine typeGWS120GWS150GWP75
Line speed8-12m/min10-15m/min8-12m/min

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