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CPP / CPE drooling film production line

CPP / CPE drooling film production line

CPP / CPE multi-layer co-extruded cast film

 Food packaging:

        Showing the effect of higher product packaging, such as bread, dried food; using thin film resilient small features, it can be used to reverse the packaging of sweets, snacks, etc; special surface treatment, can produce metallic reflective film to package snack food.

Other uses:

        It can also be used for higher packaging material freshness requirements of the retail product packaging, such as flowers, clothing and so on. In the sterile environment of the film it can be used for the production of medicine.


 Technical parameters (detailed technical parameters, please contact us):

Film width2200mm3500mm4000mm
Film thickness0.02-0.1mm0.02-0.1mm0.02-0.1mm
Roller diameter / width900mm/2500mm900mm/4000mm900mm/4500mm
Line speed250m/min250m/min250m/min

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