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PVC cling film production line

PVC cling film production line

PVC cling film:

    Uses: People often cling film is a kind of fresh food packaging materials, with moderate oxygen permeability and moisture permeability, regulating oxygen content and moisture content are fresh goods around blocking dust in the air, thus prolonging the shelf life of food . PVC cling film resistant to high temperature and other characteristics, and high transparency, stretchability and sticky, easy to use, cheap prices, are widely used in fresh food packaging, it has become an integral part of everyday life.


Technical parameters:

Film width1200mm1500mm2000mm
Film thickness0.01-0.015mm0.01-0.015mm0.01-0.015mm
Maximum output250kg/h350kg/h450kg/h
Line speed250m/min250m/min250m/min

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