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PVDF film equipment production line

PVDF membranes for different purposes, there are differences between the structure of production equipment, photo shows a schematic diagram of thin film solar equipment

       PVDF film (polyvinylidene fluoride film) was processed into the stretched film salivation. PVDF material has many advantages, such as: high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance, high aging resistance, good thermal stability, flame retardant (low smoke), UV and nuclear radiation resistance, impact resistance, weather resistance , high mechanical strength and tenacity, anti-fungal.

PVDF film production line main purposes:

  1. PVDF solar energy back film production line:

       Films for solar energy back film, protective cells, the main function is anti-aging and wear;

  2. PVDF outdoor decorative film production line:

       Film used to protect outdoor architectural glass, walls, doors and windows, outdoor billboards, mainly anti-aging and wear function;

  3. PVDF battery separator production line:

       Film for a fuel cell and a lithium ion polymer battery separator applications;

  4. PVDF membrane filter production line:

      Membrane filtration membrane for water purification treatment, is divided into two kinds of ultrafiltration membranes and micro, mainly used in sewage treatment, desalination, removal of macromolecules, bacteria, sediment, salt and other impurities;

  5. PVDF piezoelectric film production line:

       PVDF piezoelectric film has a wide frequency response, wide dynamic range, high power electric conversion sensitivity, high mechanical strength properties, the acoustic impedance matching, etc. easily.


Technical parameters (detailed parameters, please contact sales staff):

Line speed15-30m/min15-30m/min15-30m/min

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