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PP / PS sheet production line

PP / PS dual-extruded sheet production line schematic

     PP / PS sheet production line equipment to do a single-layer and multi-layer sheet production line can process up to 7-9 layers of the composite sheet production line, such as multi-layer co-extruded high barrier EVOH sheet. Processed materials can be processed PP, PS, PE materials.


Equipment can be processed single, multi-layer co-extruded sheet

     Using multiple extruders co-extrusion technology to produce multi-layer co-extruded PP and PS sheet, such as ABA, ABCBA, ABCDCBA other multi-layer structure, widely used in thermoforming, printing, metal packaging, electronic tray, flocking, food, clothing, tools, toys, stationery films, decorative films.

       * With precision dispenser, evenly stratified layers ratio adjustable.

        * Horizontal tablet structure, operation and maintenance more convenient.

       * Roll independent power, line speed and extruder speed synchronization control.

       * The machine adopts PLC control, automated control parameter setting, data and the feedback operation, alarm and other functions.


Technical parameters (detailed parameters, please contact sales staff):

Yield200-1000kg/h(Yield differences in different models)

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