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Same heart through PVC flooring leather production line

PVC flooring leather production line

       Floor leather floor is divided into ordinary leather and leather homogeneous with core floor, PVC floor covering homogeneous with the core is mainly used in aircraft, trains, bus, hospital, entertainment halls, stadiums and other public places. Ordinary PVC leather is mainly used in the exhibition hall floor, and family. PVC floor covering having a wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, anti-skid, impermeable, excellent flame retardant properties.

PVC flooring leather production line Category:

Same heart through PVC flooring leather production line - manufacturing PVC leather floor homogeneity through the heart;

  PVC flooring leather production line - production of ordinary household-type floor PVC leather.

       The production line is simple in structure, easy to operate, according to customer requirements, configure different device components for the production of single-layer, multi-layer composite products; also increase the unwinding means to enhance the product or in the production of non-woven composite surfaces, PVC decorative film products.。


Technical parameters:

ModelDoubleThreeHomogeneity through the heart
Extrusion width1500-2000mm2000-3000mm2000-3000mm
Extrusion SpecificationsGWC65/132
The largest extrusion capacity450-500kg/h600-750kg/h700-1000kg/h
Main motor power37KW/55KW37KW×2/55KW110KW

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