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LVT plastic flooring production line

LVT is another name for plastic flooring PVC floor. The main component of PVC material, PVC flooring is a composite type, that is the top layer of pure PVC transparent layer, add the following print layer and a foam layer. "Vinyl flooring" refers to the use of PVC material production floor. PVC flooring because of its rich color, variety of colors and is widely used in various aspects of home and business. Compound PVC flooring that is, it is a multi-layer structure, the composite membrane is typically laminated body composed of 4 ~ 5-layer structure made of, generally wear layer (containing UV treatment), printing film, glass fiber layer, flexible foam layer, the base layer and the like. Body composite sheet is usually laminated layer structure formed by a 3-4, generally wear layer (with UV treatment), printing film, stable layer, the base layer.


In Europe, America and Asia is a popular product in Japan and South Korea, popular abroad, from the early 1980s to enter the Chinese market, has a medium-sized cities in the country has been widely recognized, it is widely used, such as indoor homes, hospitals , schools, office buildings, factories, public places, supermarkets, shopping, sports stadiums and other places.
LVT plastic flooring called many, such as: plastic flooring, laminate flooring, plastic flooring, PVC flooring, PVC flooring, LVT flooring, plastic reinforced composite floors.

LVT plastic reinforced composite flooring

According to the escalating levels of automation equipment to enhance the product, we have several well-known manufacturer of laminate flooring, Europe's largest flooring company offers a full range of equipment. Now laminate flooring production line has reached the one-time molding, eliminating the need for multiple processing of the tedious, time-saving, high efficiency.

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