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Carbon dioxide XPS foam board production line

XPS foam board production line equipment dioxide schematic

       GWELL company's carbon dioxide foam XPS extruded plate production line sets, 100% carbon dioxide foam. Full use of "CO2 blowing agent combination" replaces the "F" series foaming agent, greatly reducing the cost of production XPS board, and CO2 as a blowing agent is more environmentally friendly, more conducive to sustainable development.

       The technology of the production line is running fast and smooth. Production of XPS board width is 600mm-1200mm, thickness in the range of 20-60mm. The average density is between 30-45kg / m3, its homogeneous closed-cell foam structure enables production of sheet stability, high compressive strength, low water absorption simultaneously. CO2 foaming technology of XPS extruded plate production line selling point is that the use of patented technology, levels of carbon dioxide blowing agent is injected into the system to ensure accurate quantification of carbon dioxide is fed to the extruder system, thus ensuring the smooth operation of the entire production line.

XPS board applications:

    XPS foam board is widely used for: building wall insulation, cold storage, highways, high railway base, airport runways, bridges and tunnels.


Technical parameters (detailed parameters, please contact sales staff):

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